Reduce the cost of document production and distribution by 80%

With Report2Web you can easily gather report data from virtually any report and present the information exactly how you want.

Automate your document capture, archive and distribution processes. Always maintain information integrity and security for even the most sensitive corporate information. Organize and index documents so that critical information is readily available across your corporate intranet or portal.


Review documents, facilitate user feedback and automatically move documents to the next step for approval.


Analyze document content in text, PDF or Excel formats, and split reports based on your business rules.


Compare transaction sets across multiple documents to find missing or abnormal data, or values beyond an acceptable range.


Assemble sections from multiple reports from disparate sources into personalized, unified documents for distribution.

One Solution for Your Document Lifecycle

Report2Web is a web-based document management solution that securely captures, publishes, stores and distributes legacy application output files and print data streams. You can capture electronic documents from all enterprise applications including Microsoft Office, SAP®, Oracle® Financials, PeopleSoft, OLAP and BI tools such as IBM® Cognos and SAP® Business Objects. All your documents are quickly organized, indexed and automatically made available across your corporate intranet through web services.

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